What a few of his clients say about Ross Graham


Ross Graham has operated as our Consultant Sales Manager for the Petalia Web Portal initiative.

His manner of training and approach is inspirational and uplifting. He can influence customer behavior like no other sales operative I have seen. Using a smile, a kind word and a great sense of humor, he draws even the most skeptical and unsuspecting business grump into his web of motivation. He is an astute business leader with many a fine story to be told.

I would implore anyone to sit around the boardroom table with Ross, listen very carefully and learn from this master.

Heed my advice; he is a master and there is much to learn.

Maurice Levine
Globalworks Pty Ltd
North Sydney NSW


I first met Ross Graham in 1997 and was immediately impressed by his confident demeanor and obvious professionalism. At the time I had just started a Pharmaceutical business, marketing my own brand of oral spray medicines and was looking for a marketing person who could advise, direct and assist in establishing our brand of products in the Australian market. I contracted Ross as a consultant.

Ross has played an integral part in the development of the Company, which has been assisted by the principles outlined in his Sales Aerobics handbook. In addition, Ross has been both an advisor and sounding board for new ideas and was instrumental in opening up a number of additional opportunities in the Australian and global market.

Ross is a dynamic and inspirational individual and his business skills and professionalism make him a valuable asset to any organisation. I would highly recommend Ross to any organisation that is considering using his services.

Ed Page
Managing Director
Page Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd
Parkwood Qld


As a small company, we identified that we needed assistance in the areas of Policies and Procedures, Workplace Health and Safety, and Business Development. It was one of those cases of not enough time to do it ourselves and not big enough to employ someone to do it within the company and then we found Ross Graham.

In a short space of time, Ross has helped us take our business to the next level. His enthusiasm, professionalism and commitment to completing the task were just what we required – and the results have spoken for themselves.

We look forward to the friendship and continued mentoring process that Ross has commenced, as we know that our business and business skills will continue to grow and prosper into the future.

Philip & Wendy Blain
Bushwillow Pty Ltd
Toowoomba Qld


Champions are those who can get themselves to constantly improve and consistently perform at peak levels.

Ross Graham is a powerful communicator and a true authority on the subject of personal success and professional selling.

I’ve had the immense pleasure of watching Ross train and coach an already champion team to reach even greater heights than either they, or myself, even imagined.

Listen well and take notes.

Ross McFarlane
National Training Manager
Accor Pacific
Broadbeach Qld